Gasklockan, Stockholm

The Gasklockan in Stockholm’s district of Hjorthagen are two gas holders designed by Ferdinand Boberg, one of Sweden’s most famous architects. They are classic Stockholm landmarks that have been treasured for generations.

Flexible Climate Control with Minimal Disruption to a Heritage Space

One of the red brick buildings is now being considered for transformation into a cultural centre with a unique, round, performance space capable of accommodating around 2,000 people standing, with superb acoustics. A restaurant, kitchen and audience and artist facilities will be constructed, but the great hall will remain untouched. Apart from the removal of the large gas container inside the building, there will be minimal remodelling of the historic structure, with the brick walls and narrow windows preserved in their original state. Under the building, where the earth previously served as a seal to prevent the gas leaking, a basement will be created to form facilities for the audience and performers.

WSP has been appointed by the City of Stockholm to design the heating, ventilation and air conditioning for this unique project, with a focus on making the space work for different types of cultural activities.

The challenge is to meet the climatic requirements for a space that consists only of brick walls. There will be no interior walls and the old brick cannot even be painted. Installations are required to be hidden, but at the same time must be capable of providing good conditions for both artists and audiences in the great hall.