Tung Chung Station Development

This development forms an essential part of Tung Chung New Town, and serves as a gateway to Hong Kong International Airport. 


  • Hong Kong


  • MTR Corporation Ltd / Leading Developers

Project Status

  • Completed

The development is composed of five sites with a total area of 53.6 acres (21.7 hectares), linked by an elevated pedestrian walkway system. Components include Citygate, a retail and office development that includes shops, dining facilities, and a cinema complex; the Novotel hotel complex with 440 rooms, conference facilities, restaurants, and other amenities; Seaview Crescent, which includes four residential towers providing 1,536 flats, 300 parking spaces, and a luxury clubhouse; Caribbean Coast, a luxury private residential development with 13 residential towers providing 5,336 flats as well as 56 detached or semi-detached houses; and Tung Chung Crescent, which has 8 residential towers providing 2,158 flats as well as 500 parking spaces and a luxury clubhouse.

WSP developed the mechanical and electrical control documents and design brief for the entire Tung Chung Station Development. In addition, the firm was commissioned to serve as the developers’ mechanical, electrical and plumbing consultant.