WSP’s strategic consulting services support clients in solving business and operational challenges.

In today’s market, airport operators and owners need to have a detailed business plan in order to remain competitive while they build, expand or modernize their infrastructure. Available resources typically lag airport funding needs, making financial planning and strategy vital.

Airport Financial Solutions

WSP provides airport financial consulting services, from project feasibility to regulatory and funding advisory to financial planning and alternative project delivery. Our financial capabilities include:

  • Financial feasibility studies
  • Bonding/financing capacity
  • Rates and charges
  • Traffic forecasting
  • Airline/tenant agreements
  • Revenue development
  • Economic impact assessment
  • Benefit-cost analysis
  • Passenger facility charges (PFC) 
  • Rating agency presentations
  • Letters of intent
  • Grant assistance
  • Due diligence advisory
  • Innovative funding analysis/assistance

We assist airport operators and owners during the entire financial process, with preliminary financial capacity analysis, then full feasibility analysis, and finally assistance securing project funds.

Delivering critical regulatory projects in Nunavut, despite the terrain challenges.

Strategic Funding/Financing Plans

With the increasing difficulty in obtaining funding and airlines seeking to lower fees, airports must find innovative ways to deliver projects. We provide our clients with strategic recommendations on maximizing their resources to compete in today’s economy. We will evaluate your projects, perform commercial analyses, identify risk and innovation opportunities, quantify potential costs and revenues, and assist you in obtaining the necessary funding.

Beyond general airport revenue bonds (GARB) and passenger facility charge financing, we help clients enhance non-aviation revenue and leverage private sector expertise and financing opportunities. We help secure funding to finance landside projects, including roadways and rail stations on airport property and have successfully assisted clients in securing grant and loan program funds such as TIFIA. In the US market, we have an exceptional track record related to the TIGER Grant Program application assistance: our applicants are three times more likely to receive funding than the national average.

Strategic Business Planning

With the rapid changes and economic growth being experienced in the aviation industry, airports need a well thought out strategy for short-, medium-, and long-term business operations. WSP assists airport owners and operators in developing strategic plans that help improve efficiency, customer service, and the bottom line. Ensuring that projects provide the greatest return on the investment of airport resources is essential to long-term success.

Multimodal Solutions

In today’s market, airports are one component of a transportation network that must include roads, public transport, and other facilities in order to enhance mobility and to grow and sustain the regional economy. Often these transportation components are lacking an interconnected vision. We have unique experience in advising clients on solutions that include all transportation modes. We offer international expertise in Aerotropolis projects, which link airport development to a larger regional economic growth strategy and improve the supply chain’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Partner for Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

WSP has been involved in strategy development and negotiation of PPP deals, representing the sponsor, governmental oversight and equity providers. We can provide a true understanding of each stakeholder’s perspective, helping to overcome obstacles that have derailed other PPPs, thereby delivering successful projects.