Delivering A Better Normal

COVID-19 has made collaboration more important than ever

As the COVID-19 pandemic shutters communities and economies around the world, we face a global crisis of a magnitude never before seen. We do not yet know how we will extricate ourselves or what the world will look like when we do, only that it is likely to be a very different place.

WSP’s “Better Normal” series is exploring COVID-19’s many implications for the built environment, the challenges and opportunities that it presents, and the potential solutions for creating a better, healthier, more equal and sustainable world.

These articles draw not only on the expertise of our multidisciplinary teams around the globe, but on that of our partners and clients too. I’d like to thank everyone who has generously shared their insights, and to welcome input from anyone who is interested in developing these ideas further.

Our focus at WSP has long been on future-ready designs: ensuring that buildings and communities are equipped to respond to the change we know is coming, and flexible enough to adapt to the change that we can’t foresee. We’ll be redoubling our efforts, and we invite colleagues from across the industry to engage with us as we collaborate to find new, better answers to the question of how we should live together in this complex, ever-changing world.

We need all of our collective creativity, ingenuity and insight now more than ever. Let’s keep the conversation going.

Tom Smith
Global Director, Property & Buildings

The Post-Pandemic Workplace

Published between April and July 2020, these articles take an in-depth look at the future of the office, from the impact of physical distancing on our working lives, to whether we could ever engineer a “virus-proof” environment, to how a home-working revolution will affect demand for space. We consider the strategies and tools for making the office a destination of choice – giving people the flexible, frictionless, healthy environments that they have always wanted, and a stimulating, unique experience that just can’t be matched anywhere else.

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Healthcare After COVID-19

COVID-19 has provided a new lens through which to view how healthcare systems work, and what it’s possible to achieve. It has brought radical change and massive expansion overnight, transforming facilities and workflows, and accelerating technological advances that had long been stalled. The crisis is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reflect, rethink and do things differently. How can we seize it, to ensure that our new normal is better than before?

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Net Zero in COVID-19 and Beyond

Global determination to cut carbon emissions had never been higher than at the start of 2020. This was to have been the start of a decisive decade of action. But the rapid spread of COVID-19 worldwide, and ensuing health and economic crisis, has unquestionably shifted our attention, temporarily pushing environmental concerns down a notch. But, even as we grapple with the longer term implications of the pandemic, the climate crisis has not abated, and in many ways COVID-19 has served only to reinforce that fact. With the imperative to adopt net zero never stronger, we’ll be considering what will be driving the energy transition, why we should embrace it, and how we will achieve it.

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