Is Bifacial PV Technology at a Tipping Point?

This technical briefing note explains why bifacial modules, which produce power from both the front and rear surface, are moving closer to the tipping point of commercial viability in solar projects.

WSP has seen a rapid shift in developers proposing bifacial technology for future projects, with a number of open tenders in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region having been won with bifacial technology. 

This note has been prepared to summarize the technology, explain advantages and disadvantages, discuss deployment issues, industry status, future trends, standardization and performance. It provides an overview of recent developments that bring significant performance increases in bifacial PV technology.

In order to understand the potential performance benefits, a high-level energy yield and economic model was created by WSP to compare bifacial with conventional single sided (monofacial) PV technology. 

In this note, our experts address different elements relating to this technology, from mounting structure heights to row spacing, and from plant layout to economic analysis.

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