Leveraging Project Procurement and Delivery Approaches for Positive Outcomes

How and When to Use Alliance Contracting

Project delivery encompasses many forms of procurement methodologies from Design-Build or Construct (D/B or D/C) to Alliance Contracting, Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) or Construction Manager/ General Contractor (CM/ GC) to name a few, and include projects financed by agencies and those financed privately (Public Private Partnership, PPP or P3).

WSP has developed field-proven best practices to implement projects successfully under a wide range of procurement and delivery methods. Building upon this extensive experience, our experts will release a series of white papers that will cover key success factors for their implementation and a roadmap for clients to roll out the most appropriate delivery method based on their needs and requirements. To kick off the series, we will feature Alliance Contracting, an emerging delivery method in North America and Europe. WSP’s Global Integrated Contractor Delivery Network includes seasoned practitioners of this project delivery methodology and will share valuable lessons learned in this paper.

Part 1:
Understanding Alliance Contracting: A Collaborative Agreement at its Best
How Can Alliance Contracting Unlock Stimulus Funding
Case Studies

Get the white paper in PDF - Part 1
Part 2:
Alliance Contracting
Get the white paper in PDF - Part 2

To come:

Part 3:
How Can Owners Facilitate Alliance Contracting
Roadmap to Implementation

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