Parker Water and Sanitation District Asset Management Strategy

A collaborative approach to visioning, assessment and implementation planning.


  • Parker, Colorado, USA


  • Parker Water and Sanitation District

Project Status

  • Project Completed in 2017

Paragraph one

WSP USA worked with the Parker Water and Sanitation District (PWSD) on an asset management gap analysis, strategy development and implementation planning effort. The project included visioning workshops and interviews with key management and staff across all departments within water and wastewater supply, treatment, distribution, and collection. The project engaged stakeholders across engineering, operations and maintenance, finance, customer service, and information technology to understand current infrastructure management practices, processes and information systems. The gap assessment was performed using an ISO 55000 assessment framework to map current practices against industry standards.
WSP worked collaboratively with PWSD’s management team to define formal asset management goals, objectives and vision and develop a detailed implementation plan to lead the asset management program going forward. The implementation plan included a series of implementation pathways to deliver an enhanced program over time, including quick wins, foundational activities, and decision-making frameworks to support a planned enterprise asset management system selection and implementation project. The three-to-five-year implementation plan is focused on actionable initiatives aligned with an overall program mission and key organizational messaging to ensure stakeholder support. The plan also outlined key issues associated with initiative ownership and management, workforce and staffing strategies, performance tracking, communication, and change management.
This project was important to PWSD’s management team to ensure that the organization was aligned around common asset management principles, and that foundation elements were put in place to ensure that planned technology investments could effectively support long-term asset management goals. The outcome of the effort was a tactical five-year implementation plan to promote continued progress and quick wins with quantified outcomes.

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