WSP is a leader in operations and maintenance for a wide range of rail infrastructure assets worldwide, including transport systems, power plants, and buildings.

Effective operations and maintenance in railways is increasingly recognized as essential in helping owners provide safe and efficient transportation systems. WSP provides a wide range of services offering solutions to create reliable and maximized transport systems.

Operations and Maintenance Planning

Planning operations and maintenance efficiently can optimize the reliability and productivity of existing bus and rail networks, as well as maximizing the effectiveness of investments in new systems.


WSP offers services for railways (freight, passengers and “shared use”), rail transit, and bus operations and service planning capabilities. We provide “investment grade” analyses, such as for Metrolink in Southern California and the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, giving our clients critical input to make significant infrastructure decisions.


Other services include:

  • Detailed analysis of existing day-to-day conditions and potential future system alternatives
  • Configuration planning
  • Capacity analysis
  • Resource planning
  • Operations and maintenance cost estimating and optimization
  • Budget planning, cost control
  • Railway and bus operations regulatory issues
  • Labour/management relations consulting

Maintenance Facilities

Modern and efficient maintenance facilities ensure our clients get the most from their assets, and they are crucial in the logistics of any transport system. WSP is a market leader in the design of both bus and rail maintenance facilities, and we have been involved in the design, refurbishment or redesign of hundreds of such facilities around the world.

Understanding the business ensures efficient facilities


With our building design expertise and understanding of railway and bus operations and maintenance processes, we ensure facilities are efficient and promote sustainability while minimizing neighbourhood impacts.

We also manage condition assessment and inspection programs, maintenance management and training as well as energy management. We help develop facility management and maintenance programs. Sophisticated 3D models and virtual reality environments ensure the greatest possible accuracy in our designs.

Solutions for Unique Requirements

Each client has unique requirements. We address these needs while incorporating human factors that enable a facility to support operations and maintenance of bus or railway services effectively.


We have been involved in the functional design of maintenance facilities for fleets as small as seven to as many as 5,000 vehicles. We typically provide space programming and functional requirements, identifying maintenance equipment needs, specification and layout of equipment, conceptual design, and detailed coordination with all building design disciplines.


WSP also provides maintenance technical services and consultation for transit and commercial vehicles. We have experience in maintaining, operating, and managing fleet vehicles.