Dream Big with Steve Burrows

Engineering is an exciting and creative career and engineers are the heroes saving our planet and creating a sustainable future. They also have lots of fun doing it.

Dream Big: Engineering Our World is a new IMAX movie aiming to inspire young people to become engineers and so shape the future of our world and improve the lives of people across the planet.

The movie, narrated by Jeff Bridges, looks to the past and the future to discover how engineers have been shaping and improving lives throughout history.

The diverse cast of four includes exceptional engineers, three woman plus our own Steve Burrows, “a curiosity-driven British structural engineer who is a kind of time traveller, using cutting-edge technology to uncover the secrets of the past and how they can help us construct the future ”.
Steve Burrows, is Executive Vice President, Buildings at WSP in the US, and in the movie he explores the engineering secrets of the Great Wall of China, “the largest engineering project in human history”. He uses a 3D laser-scanning LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) drone and he reveals that it’s the sticky rice used in its construction that made the wall so strong and long-lasting. He has previously made television shows called Engineering the Impossible and Time Scanners exploring ancient wonders with new technology and he is a regular speaker on tv and radio about engineering issues.
In the movie, Steve also provides a sneak-peek into virtual reality walk-throughs, a new technology increasingly used in construction projects. He also gives a tour of two extraordinary projects in San Francisco in which WSP is involved: Transbay Transit Center, a new modern transport hub, and Salesforce Tower, the tallest building in the city.
Steve says "the movie is aimed at inspiring boys and girls to want to become engineers, and is more than just a movie-it is a movement. We have created materials to go with the movie for schools to use plus we have made it possible for engineers to get involved with local schools to show children of all ages what an amazing career engineering really is. To get involved go to dreambigfilm.com and sign up. I will be helping schools and science centers over the coming months, as are all the cast, as we give back to the communities we serve across the world to inspire a new generation of engineers."
The movie is now available in cinemas across the US, Canada and Mexico and opens at other IMAX cinemas across the world in the coming months.