On 10-11 June, Adam Hing, Risk, Compliance and Ethics Officer, Asia Pacific and Margaret Choi, Compliance and Ethics Manager, Asia delivered Ethics and Code of Conduct Workshops in Manila and Philippines CRC offices with 220 employees participating.

The objectives of the Ethics and Code of Conduct Workshops are to help employees gain a better understanding of the Code and to reinforce the Code's standards through discussion of real life case studies. 

Workshops are held in Asia on a regular basis with participation from staff across the company spectrum including engineers, project managers and general management personnel. 

Adam said, “Working with our colleagues from different offices is always enjoyable. Our Code of Conduct together with our guiding principles provide our ethical framework. No two situations are the same and so ethical decision making is essential. We highlight these issues in the workshops and ensure that our people are empowered to make ethical decisions whilst also being clear on where they can turn to for support.”

At WSP, we seek to adopt best practices that contribute to preserving the reputation we have built over the years. This reputation, along with the excellence of our professional services, enables us to maintain the relationships of trust we have with our clients, employees and other stakeholders. In order to continue to earn the trust of our clients and stakeholders, and to preserve our reputation, each of us has a role to play in upholding the very highest standards of integrity.