The Korea office introduced one of the country’s most beloved sports, basketball, as an in-house recreational sport and held a launch event on 20 September 2019.

The Korea office launched a health and well-being programme earlier this month and the basketball club was inaugurated at the same time, bringing together individuals with a shared love for the sport. This basketball club aims to encourage colleagues to set achievable goals and create a sense of identity and community, emphasizing on the importance of commitment, integrity, confidence, and stress relief.

“The launch of our basketball club as part of our new health and well-being programme is a very meaningful initiative for our staff. We believe that it is an opportunity for learning and empowerment, to become successful and productive employees. The basketball club is only the beginning and we have plans to expand our health and well-being programme,” says Bruce Choi, Managing Director for WSP in Korea.

At the inauguration ceremony, the team announced plans that focuses on the improvement of physical fitness and basic basketball skills training by the end of 2019 and the expansion of its repertoire of activities such as attending official games and competitions in earnest for the upcoming year.