WSP presents live webinar on Driverless Operation, 12 June 2019.
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Snack & Learn Webinar on Driverless Operation

SNACK & LEARN WEBINAR: From Manned Operation to Driverless Operation
PRESENTERS: Joseph Wong and Chun-Ming Leung
DATE: Wednesday, 12 June 2019
TIME: 9:00 PM - 9:30 PM (China, Hong Kong & Singapore Time)

Driverless Operation (i.e. Grade-of-Automation 4 (GoA4)) is an envisioned operational feature of many existing and new metro railways in the future. For existing railways, many operators are pushing rapidly towards Driverless Operation to levitate issues of manned operation inconsistencies, shortened headways and supported by advancement of communications technologies. However, there are many considerations in order to upgrade from Manned Operation to Driverless Operation in the operating railways (also called brownfield railways), in addition to signalling and rolling stock requirement modifications. 

This webinar will cover the key considerations for upgrading Manned Operation to Driverless Operation in both system’s and operation’s perspectives.


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