Alan Lau, WSP’s Managing Director, Property & Buildings MEP, Mainland China, joined 500 government officials, design masters and experts from various sectors to share his view on Future Ready cities in Hebei, China.

Themed ‘Design’s Construct of Pluriversality”, the Hebei International Industrial Design Week 2020 took place during 17-23 September to examine future cities from a new perspective through exchanges and discussions with local and overseas experts from Germany, US, Finland, Italy and Japan. Alan was invited to join the opening ceremony before delivering his insightful keynote speech.

Alan shared with the audience how our Future Ready concept can be adopted into future cities considering key and latest trends on climate, society, technology and resources, from addressing loneliness among people to the use of new building materials. He also stressed that no two cities are identical – urban designer will need to tailor solutions that fit the city’s unique background like its history and economic profile. Yet our common goal would be creating an environment that embrace our nature and our people.

He was also interviewed by a number of media outlets during the occasion to introduce WSP’s visions in shaping better cities.