What would the world be like after covid-19 blows over?

WSP shares insights with The Business Times in Singapore

Would we go back to the “old normal” or are we seeing changes in the way we approach and deliver projects in the built environment? 

While it appears to be too early to determine if the pandemic will lead to an improvement or degradation of the environmental impact, David Symons, Future Ready leader from WSP UK, believes that various governments are starting to look at recovery plans that could lead to a change in the way buildings and infrastructure are built. 

The pandemic has shown how delicate our society is. Joshua Radoff, VP for Sustainable Built Environment at WSP USA, feels that the pandemic has created global awareness of how delicate our society has become. “People are beginning to see the vulnerability presented in our environment and together with local and national governments, there is plenty we can do to mitigate the impacts of climate change.” 

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A New World: How will the planet and our urban environment look when the Covid-19 pandemic is over?