Pearl Water City District

Helping Shenyang lead the way by stimulating economic growth in a sustainable way


  • Shenyang, Liaoning, China


  • L’sea International Holdings Ltd

Project Status

  • Completed

Shenyang, China aims to lead the way by stimulating economic growth in a sustainable way while addressing its environmental challenges.

L’sea International Holdings Ltd., in partnership with the local government, chose WSP to provide strategic research and conceptual planning for the Pearl Water City District, situated in the outskirts of Shenyang. This site along the Puhe River will become an urban-rural development example to be replicated by other cities in the area, and will help solve current pollution issues.

Planning for Sound Urban and Rural Integration

The planning team put together a comprehensive development strategy for this rural area comprising farmland, lakes and small villages, with the objective of urban-rural integration. Water quality improvement was a primary concern. The conceptual plan included:

  • The diversion of a Puhe River branch through an artificial wetland to reduce existing sewage and contamination

  • The return of clean water to the Puhe River

  • The creation of green corridors which act as migration passageways for wild animals and delimit functional districts

  • The development of existing farmland into urban farms

As districts are mixed-use and compact for high efficiency and long-term development, they will include community facilities and create employment opportunities in the agricultural and related service sectors for the population.

To deliver the project, WSP gathered a comprehensive team of regional consultants, urban planners, landscape designers, and transport planners to ensure a holistic approach in the development of the Pearl Water City. The team went beyond a conceptual plan and delivered an extensive study of the region, looking at opportunities for sound development.