Planning Services


Great places are made possible through effective and integrated planning

The built environment is more than a sum of its parts, more than just a collection of individual buildings and supporting infrastructure. What makes it successful is the interconnections between people and places, between the physical and digital assets and the environmental, social and economic systems that supports them – and what binds the fabric of these components together, is planning. 

With a convergence of rapid changes to climate, technology, resources and demographics effective and viable planning has never been more important. Whether it’s planning for new urban developments, regenerating existing ones or working with rural communities we help shape places now, and for the future.  

4,000 experts spanning economics, placemaking, connectivity and environmental services 

Breadth of experience and applied capability to deliver successful, sustainable and resilient outcomes.  

Focused on shaping the future and enabling thriving communities


Together, our experts have amassed decades of experience and honed a collaborative, holistic approach and we pride ourselves on understanding what makes a Great Place for Life.