#engineeredHERway - Sabin Azeem

From a young age, Sabin was encouraged to pursue her passions ‘I was always curious about the various developments in the field of engineering my parents were very supportive and as a result three of their daughters ended up in the engineering industry!’


Sabin is an associate transport planner based in our Kuwait office, ‘As a transport planner and modeler, I have significant roles in projects including Strategic Model Development and Update Projects, District Master Planning projects, Public Transport Master Plan Studies, Traffic Impact studies as well as involvement in major bids. I’m also a Training Lead, and currently work with the Kuwait Municipality Engineers in Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering topics. I love the work I do! I’m happy that I’m able to inspire and mentor other colleagues by provide guidance and training.’

Sabin shared her fondest achievement in her 13 years with WSP ‘I was nominated for the WSP People’s award in 2017 for the category ‘We are locally dedicated with international scale. It was a really proud moment for me.’

Outside of work Sabin is a busy mother of two who has had to find a healthy work life balance, ‘It is a hard job, but I feel very happy that my spouse and kids can share in what I have achieved so far.’ 

Diversity is a topic that Sabin is very passionate about, I feel very deeply about this topic because I believe diversity in the engineering field is an absolute necessity. Engineering is one of the most male dominated professions on the globe, the numbers of females choosing engineering or even taking up academic studies in these fields remain very low. Although the figures in recent years have gone up, there is still a gap that needs to filled. I believe that female engineers need to feel confident in their performance in a male dominated profession. And it helps greatly if their families can show encouragement and accommodation allowing them to dedicate time for their professional growth.’