Shenzhen Metro Line 3

Since 2005, WSP has provided project management and design supervision services on a 14-mile (22-kilometre) section of the Shenzhen Metro Line 3 extension (Phase 1) in China.


  • Shenzhen, China


  • Shenzhen Metro No. 3 Line Investment Co. Ltd.

Project Status

  • Completed in 2010

Extending the Metro System in Shenzhen

Opened for revenue service in December 2010, Phase 1 comprises 32 km mostly elevated section with 22 stations.

Noteworthy features include a distinctive double-deck design for the maintenance depot to accommodate housing and maintenance of 34 six-car trains. The use of a 1,500 V DC third-rail traction power supply system reduces the negative visual impact of the system. Special measures were taken to preserve land for prime real estate development along the line. Our team also assisted with the development of a viable financial model for the project; this model is now the standard that will be adopted for future line expansions within Shenzhen.

Elevated Stations
15 15
32 km 32 km
Underground Stations
6 6

Leveraging Global Expertise

WSP also leveraged its extensive international experience on similar projects to incorporate cutting-edge project management techniques, including the latest interface management and safety assurance concepts. The firm’s management and design expertise contributed to the on-time completion of the project—from green field status to revenue operation within five years.