Washington State Autonomous Vehicle Work Group Support

WSP USA is providing facilitation and support services for an automated vehicle (AV) work group that is charged with preparing Washington State for the coming deployment of AVs.


  • Washington State Transportation Commission

Project Status

  • Ongoing (estimated completion July 2019)

Paragraph one

The Washington State Legislature passed SHB 2970 during the 2018 legislative session, directing the Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) to convene an AV Work Group. WSP USA was contracted to provide a variety of services in support of the AV Working Group including:

•Helping the Commission staff and the working group chair to maintain a list of working group executive committee members.
•Facilitating working group executive committee meetings, which includes agenda development, industry overviews, read ahead materials, and post-meeting summaries.
•Developing the working group charter, in concert with Commission staff and the work group chair, by identifying objectives and governance framework.
•Providing legal/policy research and analysis, as needed by Commission staff or work group members (i.e. technical memos, white papers, or simply email responses upon request).
•Maintaining a summary of comparable state legislation and federal activity that might have an impact on Washington.
•Supporting work group subcommittee meetings.
•Developing a two-year plan and funding request for the work group.

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