The changing landscape of the business information ecosystem requires us to adopt an approach towards continuous information resilience. Information resilience is the evolution of information and cyber security, and it demands continued Assurance, Improvement and Response.

Our aim is to support Enterprise Resilience by maximising the sustainability & trustworthiness of information. The primary objective is to support business growth and sustainability and all information protection decisions should be based on business needs. This means effective implementation of the required controls based on each organisation’s risk profile and compliance requirements; integrate compliance requirements with governance & risk management processes; establish a process for continuous risk monitoring & effectiveness control. The readiness to respond to any kind of incident that can affect an organisation’s resilience is another very important aspect.

WSP has established its own approach to Information Resilience, supported by a relevant implementation framework. We follow a holistic approach towards protecting all types of sensitive information, in all phases of the information lifecycle throughout all business verticals, regardless of the underlying business and technology ecosystem.   Our aim is to maximise the resilience of critical business information and keep information trustworthy even when the organisation is under stress. Information Resilience is all about continued Assurance, Improvement and Response.

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The Services we offer

Governance & Assurance Offering

  • Risk Management
    • Risk Management Strategy
    • Framework for continuous assurance & risk monitoring
    • Risk Assessment Services
  • Governance & Strategy
    • Information Security Governance
    • Information Classification & Protection
    • Maturity assessment & Internal Audit
  • Threat Management & Mitigation
    • VA PT Assessments
    • Technical health checks
    • Human element threat assessment / insider threat
    • Open Enterprise Assessment
  • Strategy Implementation
    • Security Architecture & Design
    • IT & OT
    • Information/Cyber Security Program Management

    Resilience & Response offering

  • Incident Management
    • Process assessment and maturity enhancement
    • Incident response investigations
    • Incident response testing & assessment
  • Information Resilience & Continuity
    • Cyber Resiliency & Strategy
    • Information Resiliency & Strategy
    • Development, Enhancement & Maintenance of BCMS/Crisis Management
  • Cyber Resilience Assessment and Improvement
    • Assessment of Cyber Resilience maturity
    • Roadmap and Strategy for Cyber Resilience implementation
  • Information Resilience Assessment and Improvement
    • Assessment of Information Resilience maturity
    • Roadmap and Strategy for Information Resilience implementation



The Value we add

Our implementation approach to information resilience is based on effectiveness and applied innovation, utilising our worldwide expertise through WSP’s Information Assurance & Resilience Innovation Hub.

Our implementation approach, is materialized through our Information Assurance & Resilience framework, which provides the means and guidance for effective implementation, and brings to our customer the following added value:

  • Integration of international and local compliance requirements with Governance & Risk Management processes
  • Establish processes for the Protection of the Critical Information assets when the organization is under stress. We make Organizations ready to respond to any kind of cyber incident which might affect their Resilience
  • Our Service delivery is based on our Information Assurance & Resilience Framework, enforcing Continuous Assurance, Improvement & Response
  • Maximize the trustworthiness of business information, by elevating the level of information resilience based on effectiveness and applied innovation