COVID-19: Collaborating is more important than ever

As the COVID-19 pandemic shutters communities and economies around the world, we face a global crisis of a magnitude never before seen. We don’t yet know how we will extricate ourselves or what the world will look like when we do, only that it is likely to be a very different place.

Our focus at WSP has long been on future-ready designs: ensuring that buildings and communities are equipped to respond to the change we know is coming, and flexible enough to adapt to the change that we can’t foresee.

Over the coming weeks, our "Delivering a Better Normal" campaign will provide you with the latest insights into the evolution of the built environment in a post-COVID-19 world — and solutions for how we can ensure that it evolves towards a "better normal". 

We need our collective creativity, ingenuity and insight now more than ever. We invite our partners and clients to engage with us as we collaborate to find new solutions to the question of how we should live together in this complex, ever-changing world. Together we can help make the return to normal not just new, but better. Let’s keep the conversation going.

Tom Smith
Global Director, Property & Buildings


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