Why choose WSP

We are a diverse group of individuals, passionate about turning our clients' biggest challenges into their greatest opportunities. We want our employees to be happy in their work and we want them to stay with us. We aim to motivate and support our staff through flexible and competitive remuneration packages. 88% of our staff would "recommend us as an employer to their friends" – we think this says a lot about our business.


Working in Asia

With over half of the world’s population, Asia is the focal point for current and upcoming mega infrastructure and building projects. These large-scale and complex projects require innovative solutions and we require talented people to design and manage these projects. Throughout our 40 years presence in Asia, we have valued the contributions of our employees and together we have delivered some of Asia’s most iconic and challenging construction projects that will stand the test of time. With our diverse geographic presence, we provide opportunities to experience a blend of traditional eastern and western cultures, and participate in world class projects. 

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Diversity – inclusion

We embrace diversity. We believe that the diverse talents and backgrounds of our people enable us to offer a broader range of capabilities to our clients. We value differences and strive to create a work environment in which people are respected for the unique contributions they make to our company and ultimately to our clients.  

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We anticipate trends in order to propose innovative ideas for our clients to meet their business objectives. We ask questions, look at complex problems from different angles and find solutions that break paradigms. We are problem-solvers who evolve, improve, modernize and excel. We know our solutions will shape the communities of tomorrow and help societies thrive sustainably. We embrace change and have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence.


Mobility – glocal

Our strength is our ability to adapt to our client culture and local markets. We provide our clients with the same personalized services as a specialist firm while at the same time leveraging our worldwide expertise to undertake the most complex projects and assist our clients to realize their ambitions. We achieve this by remaining agile, with a common-sense approach, and by keeping our structure and business model simple and lean. Our focus on growth also allows us to better serve our clients by expanding our offering, expertise and geographical reach.

Our values

We make extraordinary efforts to attract, develop, engage and retain the best professionals in our fields of expertise because this is what makes us great.  We put the highest ethical standards at the centre of all we do. Professionalism is inherent in our offering. We are humble and act with moral and intellectual integrity, keep our word, treat everyone with respect, support our colleagues, and embrace diversity. We care about individuals and their progress and offer the most fulfilling career development for our professionals. We promote our young recruits because we believe fresh perspectives bring great ideas and new energy.