Ir Colin Chung, Managing Director for Property & Buildings, Hong Kong was recently invited to speak at the HKSAR Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) Public Seminar on June 24, 2019 at the lecture theatre of the Hong Kong Central Library. Addressing a crowd of approximately 300, he spoke on the overview and potential of renewable energy installations in Hong Kong. 

In his presentation, Colin highlighted three key themes in his presentation, namely, (1) becoming future ready in energy efficiency and conservation; (2) existing types of renewable energy; and (3) potential new developments in renewable energy.

“The world’s climate is evolving very quickly. Occurrences of heatwaves are projected to become four times more likely and in some places, extreme precipitation events are expected to double with more and heavier rain impacting peak river flows and increase occurrences of flooding,” said Colin, also Managing Director for Sustainable Development and Environment, China Region. “Therefore, to combat this change, control greenhouse gas emissions, and increase environmental protection, it is imperative that we must prepare for the future. To do so, we must see the future more clearly through targeted research into key trends that impact not only Hong Kong but also the world at large. We must endeavour to design for the future we see today by integrating future trends into many aspects of what we do.”

WSP is a proud supporter of the government’s push for enhanced energy efficiency and conservation. Organised by EMSD, this event aims to promote energy saving measures and practical approaches for public awareness.

Colin Chung (second from right) and Prof. Michael Leung (third from right), Professor, School of Energy and Environment and Director, Ability R&D Energy Research Centre, City University of Hong Kong were the guest speakers in the Public Seminar.

Colin Chung delivering a presentation on a topic of “Overview and Potential of Renewable Energy Installation in Hong Kong”