Retro-commissioning (RCx) is a useful knowledge-based approach to restore a building to its optimal operations, resulting in high energy efficiency. In Hong Kong, the government has set high priority on retro-commissioning in the Climate Action Plan 2030+. The government and professional institutions, such as ASHRAE, BSOMES, EIHK, HKAEE, HKGBC, HKIE, HKPC, etc., have taken initiatives to promote RCx. 

On Friday, 11 October, WSP’s Ir Kenneth Li, Director, Building MEP, China Region  was invited to participate in a half-day event organised by the School of Energy and Environment of City University of Hong Kong with the aim of  facilitating professional exchange and networking between the industry and academia in the promotion of RCx for improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

Kenneth delivered a presentation on “Retro-Commissioning and Sharing of Optimization Approaches,” where he discusses the concepts of RCx, the scope, its benefits and challenges going forward along with real case sharing to demonstrate some common findings.

“Retro-commissioning is commissioning for an existing building with the aim of optimizing the building operation. It is a systematic process of identifying improvement and optimization opportunities of the Central Building Services Installations (CBSIs) through identification of indicators of the underlying building operational irregularities which would lead to inefficient energy use and poor indoor environment; and subsequent mitigation measures to achieve building optimization.” Says Kenneth.