Hung Fuk Estate, Public Rental Housing Development at Hung Shui Kiu, Hong Kong

Completed in 2015, Hung Fuk Estate is the first large scale public housing project in Hung Shui Kiu District, New Territories. 

With a total GFA of 240,000 sq.m, this development comprises nine residential blocks, a commercial center, carpark and PTI providing 4,905 public rental housing flats. The overall development was built in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Three residential blocks.
  • Phase 2: A residential block, a three-storey commercial center and a carpark.
  • Phase 3: Five residential blocks.

WSP served as the structural and geotechnical engineering consultant for Phase 2 as well as BIM consultant for Phase 1, 2 and 3. The project received Hong Kong Green Building Award 2016: Grand Award for New Buildings Category.

Revit Structure model has been built for all design information from site boundaries, topographic survey, geological profiles, building structures and foundations.  Design drawings including Ground Investigation Plans, Preliminary Bored Pile Plans and Preliminary Framing Plans have been issued from the model.