We were appointed to provide IKEA China with transport consulting services for IKEA developments in Wuxi, Beijing, Wuhan and other cities of China. 

IKEA Wuxi, with about 230,000 sq.m. GFA, is a combination of the first large scale IKEA shopping mall development in China and an IKEA Store. The Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) is of significant importance to Wuxi local government authorities and IKEA Group due to the potential impacts on the surrounding road network of nearly 8,000 parking spaces and the site location close to the access of Huning Turnpike, which is the most important regional highway corridor for Wuxi City.

Our study included:

  • Design of internal traffic circulation and facilities based on close liaison with architects;

  • Incorporation all future transport planning schemes;

  • Forecasts the background traffic based on local city transport model;

  • Forecasts the generated traffic of the site development based on detailed surveys;

  • Evaluation impacts of all transport modes;

  • Recommendations.

A macro transport model was integrated with a micro evaluation model to output reliable analysis.

This project provides a consulting framework for integrating local transport consulting resources in China with international TIA experience, and exhibits the importance of transport consulting for large developments with high traffic volumes, which greatly exceed those of most other commercial facilities in China.