Strategic planning for sustainable development of urban transportation in Changzhi City, China

We were commissioned by the World Bank Global Environmental facility to deliver the formation and implementation framework for the urban transport sustainable development strategy planning for the city of Changzhi, in China's Shanxi Province.

The strategy and scheme will help promote the development of public transit in the city, and hence mitigate the adverse traffic impacts on the environment as well as improve mobility in the city.

A primary aim of the study is to develop a Comprehensive Tranport Master Plan for Changzhi that satisfies the government guidelines for urban transport master plans.

The study is comprised of an inception phase and four technical tasks:

  • Task 0-A Inception – Define detailed work and survey plan, co-ordination arrangements and training plan

  • Task 0-B – Existing conditions including surveys and base year analysis

  • Task 1 – Construction of Changzhi’s Urban Transport Development Plan and Providing Revision Comments on the City’s Master Plan

  • Task 2 – Generation of the City’s Public Transport Development Plan

  • Task 3 – Study of Traffic Safety Audit and Safety Monitoring and Management

  • Task 4 – Training from international advanced experience and domestic training