The Internet of Things (IoT) is by far one of the most disruptive yet groundbreaking evolutions in our society today. As this significant technological advancement offers a unique opportunity to improve the way we live, commute, and travel, it sheds new light on how property and infrastructure owners need to adapt and embrace the change.

For all property and infrastructure-related components of smart and connected systems, WSP offers both policy and technical support to public and private clients and acts as the liaison between owners and the emerging technologies.


Modern car technologies can detect hazards, and notify the driver or automatically react, therefore minimizing accidents. Bridges can transmit data related to structural integrity, preventing failures. Buildings can include sensors to monitor operating systems. For example, sensors can quickly identify a leaking ceiling issue that needs to be addressed promptly, and the appropriate sequence of actions will be triggered to minimize additional risk to building structure, sustainability, or occupants.  Today, sensors monitor and track huge amounts of data; cloud-based apps translate that data into useful intelligence and transmit it to machines on the ground, enabling mobile, real-time response. WSP can help integrate technology, capture the data, and turn it into action for end users.


Technology applications are expanding into all aspects of our society and their impact is profound, as cities, buildings, and infrastructure become ever smarter, with solutions for smart mobility, security, healthcare, governance, and many more becoming commonplace.


Smart Cities Provide Competitve Advantage

Our cities and the way we work are changing and cities that leverage the full potential of information will have a true competitive advantage.  We collaborate with government agencies, cities, and technology partners to develop integrated platforms to establish a city data marketplace. These platforms enable advanced analytics to support city functions like green infrastructure planning, traffic management, and energy usage, by integrating data from multiple sources including demographics, crime statistics, any sensor-based source – energy consumption meters, air quality sensors, and traffic sensors to name but a few – and information submitted by citizens and businesses. The new data marketplace is expected to offer businesses unprecedented insight into interactions and relationships between different city functions, supporting core business planning and fostering new business opportunities.


Living Better in Smarter Buildings

The ongoing expansion and upgrading of wireless networks and advances in computing power mean WSP possesses the tools and knowledge to make buildings more comfortable while reducing their carbon footprint.

  • Design and Engineering – from security systems to integrated energy management systems, and technology networks to digital engineering, our expertise and knowledge can create environments that improve collaboration and wellbeing.


  • Future Ready – we can protect the investment value of real estate by designing or adapting buildings so that they accommodate future technology changes, thereby avoiding obsolescence and reliance on single technology providers, and improving the life cycle performance.


A Game-Changer in Modern Transportation

In Transport and Infrastructure, WSP can become your partner, offering mobility management services to help determine how you want to evolve to tomorrow.


  • Policy and Planning – from strategic planning and concept of operations development to legislative coordination, to the intersection between ITS, tolling, managed lanes, and traffic engineering; our practice brings this full spectrum of understanding and rich experience in planning to the table for easy integration with your existing programs.


  • Engineering and Integration – from roadside infrastructure assistance to telecommunications expertise, data management to asset and configuration management to C/AV research; we offer our unique experience in having actually deployed roadside infrastructure as part of multiple projects, and with the most current standards.


  • Adaptation to Change – from assisting agencies in adapting to a customer/operations focus, to helping them understand where an agency lies in the C/AV development continuum; we can then help them take the necessary steps to advance to the next level.