Acting With Integrity

Our reputation depends on our ability to value our people and be outstanding professionals, acting with honesty, integrity and transparency in our daily dealings with colleagues, clients and other business partners.

Our working relationships are based on trust, and putting the highest ethical standards at the centre of all we do is essential to uphold this trust.
Julianna Fox Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer

Our Approach

WSP’s Compliance and Ethics Program, which includes our anti-corruption and privacy policies, is a critical component to our success as a world-class professional services firm.

WSP’s Compliance and Ethics Office develops and implements the Compliance and Ethics Program. WSP’s Board of Directors and its Governance, Ethics and Compensation Committee oversee and receive quarterly reports related to Program activities.

Our Policies

WSP has a Code of Conduct and underlying policies (collectively, the “Code”), which apply to all operating entities as well as the Corporation’s directors, officers, employees and contract workers.

The Code is available in several different languages to facilitate its use in regions where the Corporation primarily operates. In the event of any discrepancies between the English version of the Code and a translated version, the meaning, as set out in the English version, will prevail.

Document Code of Conduct
Document Anti-Corruption Policy
Document Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality Policy
Document Working with Third Parties Policy
Document Insider Trading Policy
Document Public Disclosure Policy

Business Partners

At WSP, relationships with business partners are an integral part of daily business. WSP expects its business partners to conduct their business lawfully and in accordance with the values and principles set out in the Code.

WSP’s Third Party Code of Conduct summarizes WSP’s values as they apply to third parties, by providing a set of governing principles for ethical behaviour when interacting with WSP or on its behalf.

Third Party Code of Conduct

Business Conduct Hotline

WSP encourages an environment in which concerns can be raised regarding actual or perceived violations of our Code of Conduct. It is WSP’s policy that the reporting party will not be subjected to retaliation when raising concerns in good faith, and that proper investigation will ensue. 

WSP’s confidential Business Conduct Hotline provides a means for employees, as well as the general public, to raise issues of concern confidentially with an independent third-party service, EthicsPoint, provided by NAVEX Global. 

Access EthicsPoint

Through the internet:
By telephone