Maritime Engineering

Supporting New Zealand’s maritime and marine infrastructure

How Important Are Ports in the Global Movement of Goods and People?

Maritime transport is the backbone of international trade and therefore vital to the global economy. 70% of all goods are carried by sea and transit through ports before being transferred to another mode of transportation.

The dominance of global water-borne trade, combined with the growth in the cruise and ferry industry, and with increased investment in commercial waterside and energy developments, demonstrate why the modern-day maritime sector is an important driver of local and global economic growth. Challenges are great, with more traffic, bigger ships, and increased integration of transport modes, all happening in a time of climate change and new regulations.

Our maritime specialists are dedicated to the planning, design, and construction of port facilities, marine infrastructure, and coastal facilities. We deliver innovative, value-engineered outcomes that benefit from decades of experience, and a thorough understanding of the challenges and risks faced by this multifaceted sector. We are committed to integrating environment and sustainability principles at every phase of our projects.

Locally Dedicated with International Scale

With over 300 projects in more than 65 countries successfully completed, we provide expertise from our global network to our clients around the world.

Future-focused and Driven by Sustainability

We are committed to integrating environment and sustainability principles at every phase of our projects.

World-class Maritime Solutions

By combining technical, financial, and operational expertise we assist clients with the commercial decision-making process while minimizing investment risk.

Ports are a key component of New Zealand’s export and trade infrastructure – we work with port operators to help them make the most of their facilities.

WSP designs and delivers port infrastructure projects for New Zealand and overseas clients. We help port operators to plan for port expansion, devise reclamation schemes, design new port facilities, inspect and manage existing marine structures, refurbish and reconfigure wharves, design heavy duty pavements, provide port valuations and advise on associated infrastructure.

Our 30-strong specialist port team in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland work with our Melbourne based freight logistics team. Our clients include port companies, local and regional councils with marine infrastructure, private companies with marine infrastructure, construction contractors, project managers and other professional advisors.


Our experience in New Zealand

Our port designers and freight logistics specialists collaborate with our clients, operations personnel and project managers to deliver projects on time, on budget and to the highest standard.

We have a strong reputation for reliable, cost effective and workable project outcomes through our in-depth operational experience; practical knowledge of deterioration and decay in timber and concrete; and personal engagement with academic leaders in the field of seismic analysis and the design of marine assets including wharves and reclamations.

We take a whole of life approach to integrated asset management and work closely with our clients at every step. Our experience working with port operators has given us an excellent understanding of how ports function and their role in the logistics chain. This helps us to ask the right questions at the right time, to spot gaps and challenge assumptions.


Our services include:

  • Strategic project and technical advice
  • Port standards development
  • Operational advice and analysis
  • Freight logistics and planning
  • Maritime project and engineering management
  • Maritime infrastructure design (ports, jetties, pontoons)
  • Land side infrastructure  (hardstand, marshalling, buildings and road access)
  • Geotechnical and  environmental services
  • Land and statutory planning
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Port asset condition assessment and management
  • Asset valuations and insurance assessments