Our worldwide experts are creating the world of tomorrow. Here at WSP we do not only envision the future. We build it.

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Arotahi is the Māori word for focus, or lens, which speaks to what WSP in New Zealand can provide. We help clients to see the future more clearly and design for it today. Being part of a 49,000-strong network of WSP experts allows us to bring together both our local expertise and global knowledge for our clients.


How will our projects, infrastructure, or community hold up against mounting global temperatures, flooding, rising sea levels, and more disruptive storms? These climate impacts will test our built environment as never before.



The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many foreseen and unforeseen challenges to how society functions. Find out how smart engineering solutions can offset the impact of this unprecedented event in history.


Getting places is at the heart of our lives, from our daily commute to work to long-haul air travel. Our experts share leading perspectives on opportunities and challenges not only in terms of transportation, but also for the environment and our communities.


Places where we work, live, shop, travel, have fun. Cities, forests, beaches, mountains, deserts. WSP experts share their views on making the most of all the places that make up our daily lives.


We have always counted on the earth’s renewable and non-renewable resources, like fresh water, fossil fuels and basic minerals, to improve our quality of life. Is this the path to a sustainable future?


Can we help societies thrive in a world we do not control? That’s what we aim for, every day. Our experts share fresh perspectives on designing places where our friends, families and neighbours can thrive, now and in the future.


Technological evolution is perhaps the most important disruptor today. Technology is part of every aspect of our lives. Discover new perspectives and state-of-the-art innovations.