56 Leonard, the latest New York skyscraper, stands at 250 m (830 ft) tall with a ratio of 1:10.5.  This 57-storey luxury residential tower sits in Manhattan’s TriBeCa district providing fabulous views across Manhattan, Brookyln and New Jersey. The cantilevered apartments producing ‘stacked houses in the sky’ proves a unique challenge for our structural engineers on the project. 

With prime outside space on the edges of downtown the horizon opens up to extraordinary views.

View of the crane from on the top of the building.  Recently topped out this summer, construction in New York is moving at a swift pace.

From the 56th Floor on 56 Leonard, and it’s a beautiful day!

“I never came across a structure as unique as 56 Leonard.  It is quite a challenge, for us as engineers to build and design it. The public can see the cantilevers on the lower 7th floor, spanning 20 – 25 ft, they appear to be hanging in the air, but there are a lot of other challenges you can’t see from the street”   Hezi Mena, Senior Vice President, WSP in the USA.

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