The Smart Analytics Future

In 2020 the rapid rise of the Covid-19 pandemic has deeply challenged governments worldwide in their policy and investment responses. Tim Cross, WSP Technical Principal - Business Intelligence looks at how WSP is using digital data insights to inform decision making and to guide clients and stakeholders to achieve intuitive and agile solutions.
The world’s demand for data, information and knowledge to inform evidence-based decisions is growing exponentially. In 2020 the rapid rise of the Covid-19 pandemic has deeply challenged governments worldwide in their policy and investment responses. Gut feel remains an often-used approach for decision makers even though there are numerous global digital resources in people, process and technology at our disposal.

Covid-19 has provided an unmatched test of leaders’ abilities to absorb the facts, results and trends in front of them – and either to read and rely on them or pass them by. The investment risks leaders are prepared to take at pace, with the trust of stimulating desired outcomes now and in the future, is pivotal for citizens.

Like leaders of governments, business leaders have the choice to better utilise data to inform decisions and the counsel that they provide. Where there are shortfalls in core system reliability, there is an opportunity to establish what data matters most, develop standards, and build or restore data quality so that we are ready for further unprecedented events.

WSP has responded to Covid-19 aiding our clients to achieve better, smarter outcomes for their customers through the use of data insights.

The Moveable Lane Barrier (MLB) Optimisation for Auckland Harbour Bridge is an active project example of work supporting stakeholder decision making through the crisis. WSP’s data driven analysis has provided current insights on Auckland Motorways and Auckland Harbour Bridge demand, and will in time deliver improved journey outcomes for road customers through smarter people-centred decision systems and machine learning.

Navigating Covid-19 presents opportunity for all to engage in smarter decision making through digital solutions, leading to greater care in the way we manage organisational, project, community and personal risks.

We need to think and act future ready to ensure the best possible outcomes for people.

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- The Value Journey through Covid-19
- A Practical Response to Covid-19
- Managing the Risks
- Developing a Smart Analytics Future

About the author:

Tim Cross is WSP New Zealand’s Technical Principal - Business Intelligence; principal thought leader and project manager in digital services; data analytics and insights and other business-focused IT initiatives for clients. He holds two significant national roles in New Zealand Transport; co-lead to the Transport Data Knowledge Hub for the New Zealand Ministry of Transport and lead structures data systems analyst and IT enabler for Waka Kotahi, New Zealand Transport Agency.

Tim has over 20 years’ experience in technology support areas including analysis and development of business systems and enterprise reporting with international consultancy experience across Australia and Malaysia.
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