WSP unveils future-ready approach to decision-making

Preceding the ITS World Congress 2018 in Copenhagen, WSP showed a group of transport decision-makers how The WSP Scenario Planning Toolbox is helping to develop resilient strategies that will endure the effects of rapid change.

Diverse trends, including automation, digitization of industry, urbanization and climate change, are transforming the world we live in, challenging us to rethink how we plan for the future.

Our international network of forward-thinking professionals has created a structured Scenario Planning process for investigating trends and developing plausible future scenarios to inform strategies. The WSP Scenario Planning Toolbox—relevant to new mobility challenges, as well as transport, urban planning, business planning and sustainability efforts—supports our work with communities, cities and regions around the globe to prepare for tomorrow. 

Take a look inside our Toolbox to see how WSP is fostering a future-ready approach to decision-making.

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