Daniel Jurgens

Technical Director Digital Engineering
New Zealand

Daniel Jurgens is passionate about sustainability and is genuinely excited about harnessing the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and smart build initiatives to realise project efficiencies and increase sustainability of the build environment.

His defining career moments include working on the Adelaide Oval redevelopment project in Melbourne where he was exposed to a proper BIM project for the first time, with all disciplines collaborating in a model based environment. It was the sheer scale of this project with a 140-metre wide steel diagrid roof shell that really got him interested in engineering. 

Daniel recently visited the site of the $2B (NZ) Slussen redevelopment project in Sweden, which blew his mind. The entire project is required to produce model-based deliverables, no documentation at all and hosted in centralised databases: a proper “level 3” BIM project.

Daniel is co-chair of the NZ Institute of Architects BIM work group, is the Leadership Committee Member for Collaborate ANZ, and was honoured with an industry advisory award in 2017 by the Australian Construction Industry Forum & Australasian Procurement and Construction Council.