Manukau Police Station

Recognised for its excellence in sustainable design, this Police Station is a flexible and modern facility for a busy region of Auckland.


  • Auckland, New Zealand


Project Status

  • Completed 2009


  • 2007 Govt3 Award
  • 2009 Property Council of NZ Award of Excellence

NZ Police wanted to amalgamate several offices across the region into a purpose built flexible, modern and future-proofed facility to support local operations. WSP Architecture’s innovative design makes the most of the site’s location and improves processes within the station.  WSP Architecture engaged in a briefing process with stakeholders to establish the strategic outcomes for the project.

The administration functions within facility benefit from flexible open plan workspaces, shared breakout spaces, formal and informal meeting zones such as the Cafeteria, invited and private work zones defined by surface material changes and sophisticated AV systems that allow multiple activities to occur simultaneously. Emphasis was placed on providing flexibility to accommodate future expansion.

To improve efficiency of the custodial function of the facility, a subterranean tunnel connecting the custodial area of the police station with the Courthouse docks across the road provides a secure, private route for transporting prisoners to court, resulting in fewer staff and resources being required in this area. In a break from traditional cell block design, the walls and doors are glazed rather than steel and block work. This creative solution allows for easier monitoring of prisoners and provides a calmer environment for both prisoners and staff.

The design team worked closely with the Police and the Council to ensure the new station provided state of the art facilities and complemented Manukau City’s framework for the future.

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