Movistar Arena - Bogota

WSP carried out the technical project management, programming, budgetary control, planning, procedures before authorities, BIM modeling and technical evaluation of the structural designs for renovation of the Movistar Arena in Bogotá, Colombia.


  • Bogota, Colombia


  • Colombiana de Escenarios SAS

Project Status

  • Completed in 2018


  • Contexto urbano

The scope of Movistar Arena’s architectural and technological renovation includes 70% of the old Coliseum Cubierto El Campín, built in 1973. With over 500 square meters, the site offers support areas, such as backstage, warehouses, control and changing rooms, among others. It is expected to host 14,000 spectators per event and can offer a wide variety of sport, cultural and artistic performances.

The building offers VIP rooms, 21 suites, 20 boxes, 1 party suite, restaurants and a building with over 300 parking lots to provide a new experience to the people of Bogotá.

Service areas, such as restrooms (with over 46 spaces for this purpose), offices, lounges (5 multiple areas) and other areas for stands, food, beverage and private events were fully redesigned.

Furthermore, to ensure a smooth and secure flow for each of the events, circulation areas with over 6,100 square meters for entrance and exit, corridors, access points, waiting areas and exclusive rows for each sector of the arena have been modernized in innovative ways.

Urban Intervention

As part of the urban intervention, over 13,000 square meters of existing gardens and plazas were renovated to improve audience accessibility conditions and characteristics. The goal was to amplify the area development and to reclaim the public space.