Richmond Stage 2

Richmond stage 2 is the second stage of a 7 stage development, with masterplan, by Isthmus Group, and conceptual design by A Studio Architects.


  • Auckland, New Zealand


  • Wilshire

Project Status

  • Detailed Design


  • A Studio Architects

The proposed site plan breaks the site vertically into the following: Lower Ground Level; Upper Ground Level; First Floor; Second Floor.


Lower ground floor

Contains the car parking, it is approximately at existing ground level. The public streets that bound the site are at a similar level. The buildings that present to the public streets have a lower ground level that is both parking (concealed from the street) and habitable space that address the street. In some instances the car parking is by way of a private garage with internal access, and elsewhere the parking is demarcated within the space.

Upper ground

Is where the main living space is located for all the dwellings. Generally the living opens out to a podium landscape area above the parking. In some instances the private outdoor living is located on natural ground (along the eastern boundary).

First and Second Floors

These levels are typically three or four rooms that can be used as bedrooms, studies, or second living areas. The family bathroom and laundry are generally located on the first floor, and ensuite/s on the level above.

The dwelling typologies are vertical in nature to minimise the building footprint.

The vertical living arrangement requires a minimum of two and a half levels to achieve a three bedroom home and three full levels to achieve a four bedroom home. These homes, when located on a street (or JOAL) edge, require a further half lower level to sleeve the car parking behind. The resulting building envelopes are summarised in the following ‘Diagram - House Envelopes’. An elevation example of the podium street address and the public street address follow.