Sudima Hotel and Office Development

As part of the post-earthquake rebuild, the boutique Sudima City Hotel and Office provides a stunning visual impact to help regenerate downtown Christchurch.


  • Christchurch, New Zealand


  • Kilmour Properties Limited + Hind Management Limited

Project Value

  • $35m

Project Status

  • Complete: 2019

The 5-storey hotel building boosts the representation of high-end tourism in post earthquake central Christchurch and the level of service extends to the Restaurant and Spa facilities. This project included: hotel building, separate office building, central covered laneway and car parking at rear. There was a further project with Hind Management Limited for the Hotel, Restaurant & Spa Fit-out works.


The project arose from the post-earthquake rebuild opportunity to create a mixed-use development combining office and retail space with city centre apartment-style short-stay accommodation on this high-profile corner site.

The buildings maximise the land-use potential by including vertical elevations within the city plan limits, with service access and parking provided to the rear of the site.

End-user desires were brought to the design team by inclusion of the Sudima Hotel management during the Developed Design stage to influence the fit-out selections, including upgrading from 4-star to 4.5/5-star finishes. This included the requirement to accommodate additional kitchen and bathroom fixtures to the studio units and hotel laundry facilities. Further structural design efficiencies were recognised in the hidden office roof framing and cantilevered secondary steelwork framing supporting the curved glass façade.


Ignite Architects developed the concept for two separate buildings with a central covered laneway to provide an attractive and welcoming entrance to the Hotel, and convivial outdoor dining space for the restaurant and retail units. The laneway canopy was designed as overlapping roof eaves to accommodate the allowance for seismic movement of the different structural systems.   The project inception relied on Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) with the design team to concurrently feedback construction cost estimate advice throughout the design development. Shared responsibility for project efficiency was gained via a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contract ensuring the Contractor bought into the financial risks. Their value engineering contribution included introduction of the Design-Build Mechanical Sub-Contractor and Chinese steelwork supplier.

The ground conditions required an innovative foundation system combining the lateral capacity of traditional bored concrete piles with the uplift resistance of screw piles. This economic solution was designed in conjunction with the steel frame seismic bracing structure. 

We approached this project collaboratively, working with the Lead Architect and Interior Designers (Ignite), the ECI Contractor, Design-Build Mechanical Sub-Contractor and structural steelwork supplier in China.

We proactively embraced the structural design conversion of Chinese steelwork to meet the strict QA requirements of the New Zealand Guidelines for overseas supply and included segmenting partial frames sized to fit within container shipping transportation. We led the Revit modelling coordination for structural and building services, using our Level 2 accredited BIM capability.


The proximity of these impressive buildings provided an opportunity to present an efficient fire safety strategy within the buildup of the lightweight cladding and wall linings. The enhancement this development provides to the South Island’s commercial tourism business was highlighted by then Prime Minister Bill English on laying the foundation stone during his visit in 2017. It not only boosts the high-end tourism market but also creates new skilled jobs in the hospitality sector.

The design was delivered on time, to budget and meeting the required quality standards.