Bay of Plenty One Network Maintenance Contract (ONMC) Westlink

The One Network Maintenance Contract (ONMC) provides solution to over 1000 km of local roads in the Bay of Plenty region.


  • New Zealand


  • Waka Kotahi - NZ Transport Agency and Western Bay of Plenty District Council

Project Value

  • $154 million

Project Status

  • Ongoing: 1 November 2014 due for completion 31 October 2021 (nine year duration)

The nine year $154m outcomes based collaborative contract was for all maintenance, renewals, and construction on both Local Roads and State Highways in the Western Bay of Plenty District. The Contractor was fully responsible for making all the asset management decisions on what renewals work was to be done, where, when and how, and for undertaking all the necessary works to comply with the performance measures within the Lump Sum bid.


The One Network Maintenance Contract (ONMC) provides a uniform Lump Sum payment per month for delivery of outcomes closely controlled by both Key Performance Measures and Key Result Areas. The total centreline length of pavement asset managed is: 200km of state highway and 830km of local roads. The contract covered all physical works within the road corridor from boundary to boundary, for maintenance, renewals and most construction for a uniform Lump Sum payment per month.

The Contractor also had the role of network consultant with inputs into development of the forward capital works programme and the safety programmes. The Contractor carried out all network control functions (access etc.) on behalf of the two Road Controlling Authorities, assessment of developments, and a raft of other professional services.


The Project has been a great success due to the Clients fully embracing the performance based contract concept that their control of the outcomes is through the performance measures, and that they must surrender day-to-day control of the means of achieving them.

It was clear from the outset that for a Lump Sum ONMC arrangement to work successfully both a well-informed client and a well-resourced and committed contractor were essential. The Project has attracted wide interest from both within NZ and from overseas organisations. The Project Team has hosted delegations from Road Controlling Authorities in West Australia, India, Africa, and Malaysia and from NZ Councils interested in the operation of the project.


  • Contract and Performance Management
  • Asset Management
  • Road Safety Engineering Services
  • Communications and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Planning and Environmental Advisory Services
  • Network Management
  • Resilience Planning and Geotechnical response
  • Network Inspection and MSQA