In Aotearoa New Zealand and around the world, companies are changing the way they operate in response to heightened environmental awareness, public interest for sustainable development and stringent environmental protection laws and regulations.

While every human activity and development exerts an impact on the natural world, we learn more every day about how to minimise project footprints, apply better practices, and more balanced approaches. Our priority is to understand our clients’ business needs and provide real solutions to real problems, whatever and wherever they may be. 

We combine our diverse capabilities to help our clients mitigate risk, manage and reduce impacts, and maximise opportunities related to health and safety, sustainability, climate change and the environment. 

Customised Environmental Solutions for Specific Project Needs

What sets us apart is the depth of experience and diversity in our environmental team. We have a unique ability to quickly and efficiently pull together in-house local knowledge, global best practice and the right expertise to provide our clients with world-leading solutions. 
Our expertise ranges from ecologists, archaeologists, policy analysts, landscape architects, environmental scientists and planners, to urban designers, land surveyors, recreation specialists, consultation and engagement experts, and iwi engagement specialists. Our customised teams address specific client needs, at every stage of a project’s lifecycle.

Cross-Sector Collaboration

We work across multiple sectors, from managing and correcting past legacies to developing and delivering the infrastructure projects of the future. Our clients are active in transport and infrastructure, property and building, power and energy, and local and central government sectors. 
Our clients appreciate our dedication to a seamless interface between specialists, ensuring innovation from the outset, coordinated project management, and a simple single point of contact.

An Agile Approach in a Changing World

Global climate change and political context are among the factors that impact the projects to which we contribute. Environmental rules and regulations continue to evolve and at the same time, digital technologies are revolutionising the tools we use and how we deliver our work.
Our experts are up-to-date on the latest trends and challenges related to the environment. They are passionate about helping communities thrive and are helping to lead the transition to a prosperous, resilient, and sustainable society.