Light Rail and Streetcars

WSP promotes light rail transit and streetcar projects as an integral part of creating the communities of tomorrow.

With a growing demand for more flexible transit options, light rail is rapidly being adopted as a solution in developed cities across the world. Accessible, convenient and sustainable, light rail provides excellent intermodal connectivity and is a powerful catalyst for economic growth. 

According to a United Nations report, 54 per cent of the world’s population live in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 66 per cent by 2050. This means that cities all over the world need to reconsider their public transport services in order to meet future demand. 

Light Rail Transit (LRT) offers key advantages that have led to its resurgence in recent decades. It offers a lower price point compared to metros, which require extensive tunneling. Many cities are also embracing the romance of yesteryear that comes with the renaissance of tramway and streetcar systems. New LTR lines help to invigorate neighborhoods, improving property values, and encouraging construction. Their overland transport is also beneficial to local businesses situated between stops, who lose visibility when trains run underground.  

Benefits of Light Rail 

Typically sharing corridors with cars and buses, light rail provides excellent intermodal connectivity and makes public transport more accessible, convenient and sustainable. It offers convenient transportation and is a powerful catalyst for economic development. 

WSP’s approach to planning and designing light rail systems is focused on complementing the urban environment and being responsive to the needs of both residents and local businesses. We challenge ourselves to design resilient systems that meet the standards of sustainability, cost-efficiency and innovation. Our solutions are backed by comprehensive modelling data and tested planning principles to manage the complex intersection between road and rail. 
WSP’s expertise spans all aspects of the project lifecycle. Clients can benefit from our planning experience which encompasses every recent light rail project in Australia, including Newcastle, Canberra, Gold Coast, Perth and Parramatta Light Rail systems. Plus, our work to deliver LTR in countries such as, the US, Canada, Denmark, the UK, Finland, Malaysia, China, Qatar, Taiwan and Sweden.  
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In Stockholm, Tramway City is expected to carry 63,000 passengers per day in 2030 and will supply the new Royal Seaport district with efficient and environmentally friendly public transport.