There's no one-size-fits-all solution for improving air quality. Each project requires an approach that is unique to its local conditions while considering its context within the wider community and ecosystem. "

Alice Lovegrove
National Director - Acoustics, Vibration, Greenhouse Gases, Air Quality [WSP USA]

Better Air Quality – From Outdoors to Indoors

We offer in-depth and comprehensive air quality services covering all aspects of a project’s life cycle. Some of our services include emissions inventories, monitoring programs, health risk assessments, dispersion modelling, atmospheric emissions license applications and construction and environmental impact assessments. We also provide modelling and monitoring services related to environmental noise (acoustics) and indoor air quality.

Discover our latest insights

We’re always exploring the latest research and newest ideas for improving cities, communities and ecosystems. Discover some of our unique insights related to air quality, from nature in cities and electric public transportation to tackling urban air pollution and innovative approaches to air quality management. 

An Innovative Approach To Air Quality Management

Air quality plays an important role in our communities and influences our health, comfort and productivity.


Respiratory Failure: Tackling Urban Air Pollution

Air pollution kills more than 4 million people every year. How do we stop our towns and cities from choking?


Public Transport And Air Pollution

Replacing old bus fleets with electric models is one of the quickest routes to cutting pollutants.


Trees and Pollution: A Complex Relationship

Trees can help mitigate air pollution in cities – but only if they are positioned and managed carefully.


Herbal Remedy: Making Space For Nature In Cities

Can we afford to make space for nature in crowded cities? Can we afford not to? 


Can Building Materials Suck Pollution From The Air?

The best way to deal with air pollution is to prevent contaminants entering the atmosphere in the first place.


Combatting Air Pollution in London

London could transform itself into a global air quality leader through commitment to an all-electric future.


Meet our air quality experts

Many of our experts have participated in the development of regulatory models, prepared courses and delivered educational seminars for government agencies, led committees in professional organizations and published technical papers on air quality and related topics.

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