Building Compliance and Building Warrant of Fitness Services

WSP NZ provide professional advice to external and internal clients on building warrant of fitness (BWOF) and other building compliance matters. Carry out annual BWOF surveys and prepare all associated documentation.


For many building owners, the Building Warrant of Fitness process (an annual event mandated by regulation and legislation) can prove time consuming and complex.

Since the inception of the Building Warrant of Fitness, WSP (or Opus as we were then) has provided services to building owners throughout New Zealand, to facilitate the management of the BWOF life cycle.

Just as every engineering discipline has its specialisations, so too does Property and Building Management. One of these areas of specialisation is Building Compliance Consultancy. People with the experience, training, and qualification to navigate the sometimes complex and subtle path through the annual renewal process for the Building Warrant of Fitness. People who can provide guidance to building owners, and who do their best to ensure the annual renewal cycle for the Building Warrant of Fitness is managed and completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Whatever level of technical understanding the building owner may be comfortable to engage with, one of our Building Compliance Consultants can help convey meaning and understanding about the processes involved. Briefly, these processes combine administrative and technical oversight where:

• Stakeholder contractors are validated, along with the building data in the building record.
• The buildings Compliance Schedule is validated. The title and name of the building are in good order and correct.
• The building owner is correctly identified.
• The renewal cycle is appropriately timetabled.
• Documentation checks, and building checks are undertaken by the Compliance Consultant
• The Building Warrant of Fitness is issued to the building owner, and the local territorial Authority(Council)

The Quality Assurance processes for the BWOF start two months prior to the expiry of the current BWOF, or Form 12 as it is commonly known. The checks and balances in place are there to provide reasoned certainty about the stakeholders and the building before the process starts.

• Do we have the correct contractors?
• Are they contactable through phone and email?
• Do they have a copy of the Compliance Schedule?

These are just a few of the questions which are addressed early in the BWOF renewal process.

So, please contact WSP, and engage us to look after your buildings for the annual BWOF renewal process. Our contacts are here, by region, or you can complete this online form, and WSP will contact you within one working day of it’s receipt.