Climate Adaptation & Sustainability

Governments, cities, and businesses alike, are facing significant challenges related to population growth, resource demands and constraints, and extreme weather events, that impact the resiliency and sustainability of our water supply and infrastructure. 

Committing to Climate Adaption and Sustainability for New Zealand

Across Aotearoa New Zealand, our cities are growing in vulnerability as we suffer increasing impacts of storm-surge and more frequent and heavy rainfalls. We are working with cities, water utilities and developers across Aotearoa to deliver future ready approaches and solutions that will enhance liveability and resiliency.

At WSP we are committed to integrating the principles of sustainability to help our clients design lasting solutions for the advancement of our built and natural environments. We help ensure that future infrastructure is resilient to the many challenges that a changing climate will bring to our clients and their assets and property.

Our services include:

Awareness raising and capacity building
Risk and vulnerability assessments
Climate resilient infrastructure
Policy and planning

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