Our tests include site subsurface and foundation testing for roads, bridges, buildings, airports, wharves and dams, landfills, subdivisions and greenfield sites.

CPT (Cone Penetration Testing) is performed by hydraulically advancing a CPTu cone into the ground while measuring tip resistance, friction and pore water pressures.

The on-board CPT computer software and equipment collects and displays real-time data, enabling accurate on-site display of results and data interpretation.


Services provided:

  • CPT Testing (20 tonne rig) - All CPT cones measure pore pressure, friction and tip resistance.
  • Seismic CPT - The seismic CPT acquisition is conducted with a 10cm2 seismic compression (SCPTu) cone allowing both CPT data and SCPT data to be collected at the same time.
  • Temperature Cone - The temperature cone, which in addition to all the standard measurements, can also measure temperature. This function allows us to monitor the temperature of the soil in potentially geothermal areas and continue to test safely within given limits.
  • Pore Water Pressure Dissipation Tests - Pore Water Pressure Dissipation Tests help with the identification of soil permeability and static groundwater levels in permeable soils.
  • In-situ CBR and Plate bearing tests - The CPT rigs are also equipped to undertake in-situ CBR and plate bearing tests.
  • Soil Sampler - Soil sampling can be carried out using a VERTEK Soil Sampler.
  • Concrete Coring - The pre-coring of holes through concrete up to a thickness of 300mm, thus only disturbing a small area making for an easy reinstatement.