We assist asset owners and infrastructure managers by providing rich data and information from which they can assess the safety and integrity of their structures while sitting at their computer.

Our services integrates electronic sensors with processing, transmission, and visualization technologies and can be used to capture information from locations across New Zealand, including the most remote sites.

Technology is allowing us to gather information on structures on a continuous basis. For example, we can analyse the effect of temperature on structural cracking, or the effect heavy vehicles are having on bridges.

We can test the effect of design or other interventions on building environments by measuring light, sound, CO2, humidity and temperature over time.

In Canterbury, we saved a client over $10m in unnecessary strengthening by demonstrating thorough continuous and ongoing monitoring, using sensors with our proprietary low power datalogger. The technology won the prestigious 2017 ACENZ Silver Award for Excellence.

Some of the services include (but are not limited to):

  • Providing advice on the appropriate IoT customised solution, including procurement and set-up
  • Collecting and providing data from the continuous monitoring of structural movement in remote locations (and non-remote)
  • Collecting and providing data from the continuous monitoring of crack movements over time and temperatures
  • Collecting data on cycle ways using a bike instrumented with video, LiDARGPC positioning and rider feedback technology
  • Monitoring building environments on parameters such as light, sound, CO2, humidity and temperature.