We assist asset owners and infrastructure managers by providing rich data and information from which they can assess the safety and integrity of their structures while sitting at their computer.

Environmental Monitoring Tools

WSP has developed a service that uses electronic instrumentation systems to collect data that is used to view and monitor structural assets’ response to such things as vehicle loads, seismic events, and weather. The system is entirely standalone and utilises wireless communication and solar charging, something that is particularly useful for structures in hard to access locations.

The system samples data from the connected sensors at high speed, then processes and compresses the data for secure low-cost transmission to WSP’s network. The system can be customised to communicate with virtually any sensor, or internet connection technology. A typical system utilises displacement and inclination sensors, and transmits data via cellular networks.

A custom Dashboard display for the data can be created which is viewable on any internet connected device

Remote Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

Our remote infrastructure monitoring service uses proven technology to monitor and measure the factors you need to know about your infrastructure and extend the life of an asset. This includes measurements such as inclination and lateral movement. Data is sent remotely wirelessly and thereby reduces the need for putting employees in dangerous situations and causing undue disruption to the people that use the infrastructure.

Data taken from measurements can be used to determine the integrity of existing structures and validate the design of infrastructure models