History tells us, that decision-making without detailed, conclusive research is a recipe for disaster.

With over a century's worth of specialist advisory experience in both the public and private sector, we are able to equip our clients with the tools, information and reassurance needed to carry-out robust decision making.

With growing constraints on resources, its becoming increasingly challenging to deliver infrastructure improvements.

WSP's research and planning team offer detailed research design and evaluation services that can support robust decision making, leadership, policy guidance and innovation.

We have the capabilities to work independently or alongside other partner operations. To do that, we draw on many research techniques and tools, including reviews, interviews, observation, data and trend analysis and statistical modelling.

Our clients partner with us because of our wealth of subject matter expertise, research capabilities and technology deployment specialists to:

  • Develop market/sector knowledge and innovation in New Zealand
  • Anticipate and adapt to change and risk that comes with future trends and forecasts
  • Package and deploy knowledge and technology-based solutions and;
  • Develop policy and implementation frameworks that advance practice and process.
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