Through comprehensive surveying, mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) services, WSP provides expertise in analysis methods and modelling techniques. We help clients across all sectors better understand environmental issues, make informed decisions, and apply the appropriate strategies and cost-effective solutions to mitigate them.


WSP provides environmental strategy, policy, consenting, permitting, management and compliance services. We have specialist planners and surveyors in 14 locations around New Zealand.

We work with all levels of government – central, regional and local. We also assist private developers, infrastructure and utility organisations, iwi, hapu and Maori land-holding organisations, community organisations, and transport, port and airport companies.

Collaboration and listening are key to our approach. We seek to really understand our clients’ needs and work closely with them to devise successful solutions. We can quickly pull together a team with the right mix of surveying, planning and engineering expertise. This ensures strong communication, innovation, coordinated project management, and a single point of contact.


Our experience in New Zealand

Our services include:

  • Plan changes, strategy, structure, spatial planning, and designations
  • Subdivision, land development and master planning
  • Resource consents and permits - land use, subdivision, discharges, takes
  • Notices of requirement for designation and outline plans
  • Environmental management plans, monitoring and compliance
  • Urban planning and design, CPTED and IPTED
  • Assessment of effects on the environment
  • Community engagement and consultation, social research
  • Recreation and parks planning
  • Environment Court, EPA and council hearings
  • Hydrology
  • Coastal science
  • Cultural engagement
  • Geotechnical, acoustics, transportation and other engineering services


Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Location intelligence: Spatially enabling projects for better decision making. Evaluate information and imagine the outcomes.

WSP's large geospatial team in New Zealand supports projects throughout the country. Our people have backgrounds in the environmental sciences, engineering, computer science and surveying. They are highly competent in the applied use of GIS and related technologies.



Efficient information collection and data management using a suite of mobile apps.
Geospatial problem solving using the power of location analytics.
2D and 3D data visualisation provides greater insight and improves communication.
Geospatially enabling project data and visualising spatial analysis results in smarter decisions and cost savings.

Through supporting a diverse range of WSP Opus projects we work indirectly for many central and local government clients. As an independent team we also consult directly to central government, local authorities and many private organisations.


Our experience

Our geospatial specialists are located across New Zealand with access to the wider global WSP expertise providing a range of services for our clients, including:

  • GIS project management and advice across all business sectors.
  • Mobile asset data capture app configuration, deployment and data management.
  • Geospatial database and metadata management for infrastructure design.
  • Spatial analysis support for integrated transportation planning, environmental impact assessments and asset data analysis.
  • Automated map production, standardizing map deliverables.
  • Automated road safety data analysis and reporting.
  • Infrastructure and asset resilience analysis expertise.
  • Urban design and land development planning support through 3D scenario modelling visualisation.
  • Collaborative online 2D and 3D maps, dashboard visualisation and geoprocessing tools providing a better understanding of project status.


We are unique in both the geographic spread and the diverse backgrounds of our specialists, who can tailor the application of geospatial solutions to meet client needs. We take pride in not only delivering a technology solution but also understanding the underlying business issues that are being investigated. We can provide you with better informed business solutions.