How can we connect people and place through safe, efficient transport infrastructure design and solutions?

WSP research provides a wide range of research and services in all areas of transportation. This includes research around making roads safer, encouraging public transport use, shared-mobility systems and active transport modes such as walking and cycling.

Our research tells us that compared to other countries, New Zealand scores below average for transportation and mobility infrastructure. In WSP's Global City Index, Auckland - our countries most progressive city for transport - scored low for several mobility metrics.


How do we raise the bar? 

Our team of researchers, engineers and technicians help government transport authorities, planning agencies, private developers and transport operators to get the most from transport infrastructure projects.

We provide testing and advisory services to all areas of transport, including rail and ports. Out team can help you understand the impact of transport infrastructure and how people interact with it.

For example, we undertake studies of behavioural responses to proposed safety measures such as:

  • Virtual reality simulations of driver responses and road signage
  • Assessing cycling lanes by cyclists responses to passing traffic
  • Assessing road lighting and its effect on driving behaviour and outcomes